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Look out honey ’cause I’m using technology


Iggy Pop recently gave a lecture called “Free Music in a Capitalist Society” at the BBC. During the talk, he discussed the current state of the music industry and the pervasive nature of music piracy. One stand out quote is, “when it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge one unimportant detail.” Reading this transcript from the lecture made me realize I hadn’t listened to the Stooges in a while. So I did that. The line in this drawing comes from the song, Search and Destroy. I have no idea how I haven’t drawn this yet.

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I’m Not High


Yesterday Louis C.K. tweeted some ideas he had about the origins of life on earth. He wondered if maybe we originated on Mars, but then ruined the planet and had to find a new home. After his series of tweets about these ideas he posted, “I’m not high.

Prints and more available through Society6. / Daily Drawing #1732.

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After starting his career as a graphic designer at award-winning studios in New England, Chris accidentally became an illustrator. He’s pretty happy about that. This strange transformation was a result of his daily drawing project that he started in late 2007, in fact he’s still posting a new drawing every day.  Chris holds degrees in Visual Communication Design and Art History from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where he is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Illustration. He has been the recipient of Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Excellence Awards, Judge’s Awards and the Spirit of Creativity Award from the Connecticut Art Director’s Club as well as BoNE awards from the AIGA and a Silver Award from Gaphis. In addition his work has been published in numerous books and publications including Print Magazine and Communication Arts. His client list includes; Converse, Nike, Chronicle Publishing, Boston Magazine, McDonalds, Scholastic, Harvard Business School Publishing, Warner Music Group, Republic Records.

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