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Bukowski + Pizza + You

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Bukowski said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.” I found this pizza and I’m ready to die.

Hi everyone. I have a new design available on Cotton Bureau, and it’s only available for the next seven days. I tend to do very weird, and super-niche, designs for my Cotton Bureau shirts, which means they don’t tend to sell very well (boo hoo). BUT, I do it because the shirts are always fantastic quality, and CB has tons of great designs. If you love Pizza so much that you want it to kill you, and also like weird drippy lettering and pizza-cyclops-monsters, this is the perfect shirt for you. At the moment, we need 6 more preorders for this to go to print. #savethepizzamonsters

Men’s and women’s cut t-shirts, as well as tank-tops are available.

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