This drawing was inspired by a post by Chris Morris.
“To my dear divided Democratic friends of Facebook:

Look at him.

Bigot. Racist. Nativist. Separatist. Sexist. Brazen foe of women and women’s rights. Opponent of gay and transgender rights. Sworn antagonist of organized labor. Union buster. Denier of climate change. Tool of the gun lobby. Fomenter of mob violence. Adversary of the free press. Mocker of the poor, the homeless, and the handicapped. Builder of walls. Known organized crime associate. Chronic petitioner for bankruptcy protection. Warmonger. Birther. Slumlord. Thug. Bully. Constitutional know-nothing. Foreign policy ignoramus. Economic imbecile. Tax dodger. Draft dodger. Reality TV buffoon. Political novice. International laughingstock. Power-mad rogue. Loudmouth. Megalomaniac. Liar. Opportunist. Billionaire. Demagogue.

A man who has always served himself before his country.

A pestilence so terrifying and uncontrollable that even the vilest members of his own adopted party recoil from him in revulsion.

He is demonstrably the greatest danger to constitutional democracy and to the safety of U.S. citizens in the history of the American electorate.

This is your enemy.

Not that other Democratic contender, or that other candidate’s supporters.

Cease the inter-party vituperation.

Yes, vote your conscience in the primaries. Quietly. But come to your senses. Stop fighting. Confront the very real and nightmarish peril that is facing this nation. Unite behind whichever candidate the Democratic Party chooses at the national convention, no matter who it may be, in the November general election.

‘Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.'”

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