Today, Josh and I were talking about Tumblr and how it’s kind of weird. The topic came up because one of my Groundhog Day drawings got added to Tumblr Radar (which I was totally excited about). Very quickly the amount of notes on the post sky-rocketed, at the moment it’s well past 11,000. If you aren’t familiar, notes consist of people hearting or reblogging posts. Strangely enough all of this action didn’t send much new traffic to my site. Josh’s take was that people aren’t really paying attention to what they do on Tumblr, this line was his impression of someone Tumblin’. I think Tumblr is great, but sometimes it seems like people don’t realize the images actually come from somewhere. Speaking of Tumblr, do you follow me there? I won’t feel bad if you don’t, I mostly just feed it with these posts.

Do Gangstas Tumble?

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