I have been a Glenn Danzig fan since I was about 10 years old. I remember seeing the video for Mother and having my little mind blown. Discovering Danzig led me to the Misfits*—the band he started and fronted in the late 70s / early 80s. The Misfits were hugely inspirational and paved the way for countless other bands—I still count them as my favorite band when asked. For much of high school and college I collected as much of Danzig’s music (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig) as I could (and pretty much obsessed over it). I even designed a tribute to Danzig shirt—which was technically the first Print Brigade shirt.
*The band currently masquerading as the Misfits does not include Danzig and suffers severely for that reason.

Today I drove up to Boston with some friends because Danzig was going to be signing copies of his new album at Newbury Comics. I was too self-conscious / shy to bring the Print Brigade shirt, but my friend Matt was not. At the sight of the shirt Danzig immediately smiled and chuckled a bit—it completely made my day.

For today’s daily drawing I decided to rework the cover of Danzig’s new album, Deth Red Sabaoth. I liked some of the elements in the design but felt it was a bit disjointed. I liked where the type was going on the cover but thought it could be pushed a bit more. I also simplified the illustration to allow for some visual hierarchy.