My All My Cars series was inspired by a series I did a while back of all the bicycles I’ve had in my life. I decided to add on to that series with one for my current favorite bike built around a @gtbmxfreestyle Globetrotter frame. The past couple years I’ve done some illustration/design work for @gtbicycles which would have blown the mind of ten year old me. I still vividly remember, as a child, going into my local bike shop and staring longingly at the shiny new GT’s hanging up on the wall. Now I’ve got one hanging on my wall featuring graphics that I designed! It seemed like GT BMX may have lost their way for a little while but it’s awesome to see them killing it again. The new video “Seriously Fun” is super rad (and I did the logo for it 🤓)!

Prints and more available through Society6. / Daily Drawing #2599.