I debated not including these 4 bicycles in the series, but then decided it was necessary since the title is “All My Bikes.” I owned each one of these at different points in my life—but there was no real love involved.

Schwinn Sting Ray: I bought this bike randomly at a tagsale, I thought I was going to restore it. It sat in my mom’s basement for a few years when I went off to college. I think it was scrapped at some point.

Haro X24: This Haro Cruiser was an impulse Craigslist buy. I thought a cruiser was going to be a fast and fun way to get around Boston. That may be the case but this tank of a bike was unbelievably heavy and sluggish. I ended up transferring most of the parts over to my Standard 125R Cruiser. The frame went back on Craigslist.

Haro Backtrail: I had the Backtrail during high school for a short time. Now that I think about it, I think I traded my MJ12 for it—ughh what a mistake!

Specialized Rockhopper: Yet another impulse Craigslist purchase. One of the years I was in Boston it was snowing a lot and it was making my relatively long commute slightly difficult. I decided a cheap older mountain bike would be a great bad-weather beater. Meh, not so much. I just put some grippier tires on the Bruiser and called it a day.

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All My Bikes 18: Standard 125R
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All My Bikes 1: Huffy