Shortly after I got the General Hustler I discovered BMX racing. Even though I had never raced before I convinced myself I was going to need a lighter bike to be competitive—mind you I was about 10 years old at this point. I somehow managed to convince my mom to buy me a bike suitable for racing. We went to the bike shop and I immediately fell in love with the Diamondback Viper, it was chrome with purple and green decals. The catch was that I couldn’t have it until Christmas. On Christmas Eve I spotted my mom bringing the bike inside—it was too dark for me to be sure she got the right one. In an act of desperation I woke up my younger sister and made her go look. “Yup, it’s there” she reported. “Well, what color is it!?” I asked. When she responded with “silver” I yelled “NO! It’s chrome!”

All My Bikes 2: General Hustler
All My Bikes 1: Huffy