When I lived in Boston I was a year-round / all-weather bicycle commuter. Coming from a couple conversions and a mail-order track bike I never worried too much about my bikes getting messed up in bad weather—let alone the salt that gets put down at the hint of snow. When I got my Soma things were different. I had actually picked out the parts on it—and spent a good amount of money on it. After riding it in the first snowstorm of the season I decided I wanted to build a snow / rain bike. I scored a generic “track” frame for about $75 on eBay. I pieced it together pretty quickly with random, old parts in my collection. I rode it though quite a few rainstorms and snowstorms while generally neglecting it. At some point though, I started choosing to take the Soma out even when it wasn’t nice out, it was just a much better ride. I remember convincing myself that a bike is meant to be ridden—not babied. Eventually I broke the ironically named “Bulletproof” crank on the rain bike and never got around to replacing it. The Spring came and I ended up selling it.

Oh, and the nickname? The guys at Alphabet Arm wanted to know what the new bike’s name was. With little thought, I said, “Chubby Waters.” It was completely ridiculous, though it made sense to me. I thought muddy waters, because it was to be ridden in bad weather… but it was also terribly heavy—thus “chubby.” Okay, so maybe it doesn’t make sense.

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