Beck’s Dropped Sponsors

Glenn Beck

Over 300 companies have refused to run ads on Glenn Beck‘s show.

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by Chris Piascik on:

  • Matt

    I’m surprised anyone pays this guy a cent.

  • hugh

    wow, that graphic and Beck’s show both belong on the who gives a shit network

  • kyle


  • laura

    This is so great! Clever and rendered well. Hand drawn type is very right this minute and its a nice visual critique of that total loser Glen Beck.

  • Shorebreak

    In the UK, Beck’s show has not been able to get even one sponsor. Fox News pays for it totally out-of-pocket.

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  • Charlie

    Glenn Beck isnt on the air to make money from advertizing, he is a 100 percent propagana tool, designed to confuse and distract the public while the conservative ruling power elite continues the rape and plunder of America. Even if he has zero advertizers he will stay on the air to fulfill his propaganda function.

  • Chuck

    So, Which sponsors are left, and who do we call?

  • Karl Hoeck

    So, you people think getting sponsers not to advertise on Glenn Beck’s great show is good. I will make a point NEVER, EVER to buy anything from companies that boycott Glen Beck’s show.

    You Radical Lefties can not stand the truth!

  • chris

    Thanks Karl. I like to think I’m pretty rad.

  • trollkiller


    You deluded fool.

    You must be a Beckian follower.
    Not too much grey matter left in the old brain box Eh?

    Swear off the propaganda for a while.
    You might actually grow some new neural connections.
    They might actually come in handy if you ever wake from
    your self-induced right-wing coma.

    Walk toward the light. The road you are on leads to nowhere you want to be.

  • Whose Beck?

    Karl says speculative conspiracy theories are truth.
    Now that’s radical.

  • Opsman

    Karl – check around your house. You telling us that there’s no Tide in the laundry room, George Forman device or an Idaho potato in the kitchen or Bud in the fridge? Liar.

    I would certainly believe there’s no Mercedes or BMW in your driveway, tho.

  • Fred (

    Well, when you put on some clothes and leave your mother’s basement and look around at what is happening now, in light of historical fact, you will see that what Glenn Beck says is true. You just have to get past his schtick showmanship.

    I use these lists to make sure 1) I don’t buy them anymore, 2) I vote against the Board of Directors for each company at the Annual Shareholder meetings, and, if a chain store, I let the salespeople know why I will no longer shop at them even though I had been a good customer, ie, Mens Wearhouse.

    Remember, we won last Fall and we will change Presidents on 20 January, 2013AD!

  • Kathleen Hagen

    I think the illustration is amazing. Very well done.

    But Karl needs to open his eyes. If anyone is a Nazi it is Beck. He is making up facts to suit his conclusions just as the Nazis did. Can’t you see that. He makes it up as he goes along.

  • chris

    Karl (or Fred), why do you assume I am nude and living in my mother’s basement? I’m actually a fairly successful business owner. I say “fairly” because though I am by no means rich, I work for myself and love what I do. To me, that is success. I’m not even going to try to argue with you because clearly it’s a lost cause. You just keep fighting the battle against your own well-being and I’ll keep doing my thing. If it makes it easier for you to imagine me unclothed and living in my mom’s basement then so be it.

  • chris

    To Karl/Fred,
    Also, please don’t bother the poor employees of chain stores that are making minimum wage. They don’t care if the company that barely pays their bills supports some crazy pundit or not.

  • Lindsay

    @Karl & @Fred
    Why don’t you read this:

    Pretty solid evidence that Glen Beck is and has been wrong a lot of the time.

  • buckntex

    Wow, let’s just take away his right for free speech. So far all that I have read is insults and this type of rhetoric. The Discover Blog was whrote by a left from center person which was obvious. I will say that the comments on the Discovery blog were intresting from both sides. As for as this blog goes, I have yet put him to shame with facts.

  • buckntex

    Sorry , the last line should read: I have yet to see anyone put him to shame with facts.

  • chris

    Buckntex, I am not sure companies refusing to advertise on his show is the equivalent of taking away his right to free speech. Saying that he has not yet been put to shame with facts is a broad statement—especially because he has said a lot of highly questionable things about many different topics. The Pulitzer Prize winning site, PolitiFact has rated him completely false on a number of statements:

  • Wayne

    Trollkiller, You are right on. Karl sits in front of Fox news television each night and bows to King O’Reilly and his cohorts after spending the afternoon listening to his god Limbaugh and has probably never had an original thought of his own in his whole life.

  • Fred

    I do not watch/listen to O’Reiley, he is a Leftist. I like listening to Limbaugh, often via podcast as he is entertaining and much of what he says is true, I read other sources also. Glenn Beck has clownish tendencies, but underneath it most I aggree with. I am of the age where I was alive and remember the ’60’s and disagree with Beck’s praise of Martin Luther King. I know from the time that he was a rabble rouser like Stoakley Carmarcial, and Malcom X. I have lost interest in Hannity with his bashing of Catholic priests and dogma while claiming to be Catholic. You see, his “Freedom Concerts” have disappeared after it was exposed that he wasted the money we gave for scholorships to the children of fallen soldiers, police and fireman.

    And I have owned many Mercedes in my life.

  • chris

    Fred (sometimes known as Karl), HAHAHAHA! Bill O’Reilly is a leftist? I can’t even begin to argue with that kind of crazy, let alone the rest of your statements. Good luck.

  • buckntex

    Chris, I really liked the site that you posted in fact I have bookmarked it. One thing the site did prove to me is that dishonesty is about the only thing that is bipartisan. LOL It would be nice to see some honesty across the board but I don’t think that it is going to happen on either side.

  • thomas

    Thanks for making this list available. I will make it a point to boycott these advertisers who engage in censorship and who discourage freedom of expression and speech in our once-free republic. Boycotts work BOTH ways, lefties! :)

  • chris

    Thomas, these companies are refusing to advertise on Glenn Beck’s show—they are NOT ENGAGING IN CENSORSHIP. Believe it or not, they have the freedom to decide where their advertising money goes. Good luck in your boycott, this is a pretty hefty list.

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