Recently Milltag approached me to design a cycling jersey for their first collection. As an avid cyclist I jumped at this opportunity. Here’s a little more info about Milltag:

Milltag was born out of a passion for life in the saddle. The individual freedom that cycling provides is intoxicating, it’s the perfect synthesis of speed and ease, force and grace. On the bike you remove yourself from the world, it’s just you versus the tarmac or mud and all that mother nature can throw at you. But bike riding is about more than cogs and chainsets. The bike you ride and the jersey on your back says so much about who you are, or it should do. The technical quality of the lowly cycling jersey might have advanced since the woolen classics proudly worn by Anquetil, Merckx et al, but you can’t say the same for the designs that appear on them. All too often these days jerseys are either plastered with sponsors’ logos or banal designs indistinct from other generic sportswear. Well it’s our mission to change that. Our jerseys are designed by top class cycling enthusiasts from the art and design world. They share your love for the honest bicycle and know what it’s like to hit either the wall or the deck.

Each jersey in their first artist collection is highly limited—only 30 of each were produced! Head on over to the Milltag site and check them out!